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from Teresa Stokes Peek a Boo

Hey Carlton, I love how you respond to quest's questions. You are always so cool and polite! I have a couple more, how much does it cost to sell your prints through zenfolio? They sound great and the work is a high quality from your comments. Stay in touch. Any upcoming trips planned?  Previous Response:
from Carlton Ward
on December 18, 2009
 Hello Teresa,
If you have an account with Zenfolio, it doesn't cost anything to sell your prints, thats what they do to get your business along with providing a space to display them. You buy any prints according to the standard MPIX prices but when you create a pricelist, your customers will pay for the prints they order at the price you set with the profits credited to your account. I have different pricelists according to different criteria like my fine art stuff sells for more than my wedding pics. I even have a pricelist for just cost for galleries of my friends that I dont want to make $$ from :) They will still pay for the prints & shipping, so its easy for me that I dont have to deal with orders, printing, shipping & money collection.
See you soon Teresa...
Love in Light,
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on December 21, 2011
 Gosh, I wish I would have had that inframotion earlier! 

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