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from Chester Scerra
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 Macro photography

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from Carlton Ward
on November 06, 2009
 Hello Chet,
I bought a Promaster Ring Light as my local camera store didn’t have the Canon MR-14 in stock and it is OK but has a design flaw in that the power switch gets easily switched ON when I put it in my camera bag so I have to remove the batteries after each use. I would like to eventually get the MT-24EX. I use mine a lot with my 100mm macro lens and I always use a tripod as even ¼ inch movement will change the area of focus. I do love macro photography. Canon just released a new 100mm f/2.8L IS macro lens. I don’t see that much difference to consider upgrading but have thought about upgrading to the Canon 180mm Macro L lens to give me a bit more working room.

I love my Zenfolio site. I bought a Canon PixmaPro 9000 printer but it died after a few months and with the cost of quality paper & inks, I decided to start ordering all my prints online. Plus the fact that my printer cannot compete with the quality on the $25,000 printers that MPIX/Zenfolio & other pro printing places use. Zenfolio makes it very easy for me as I can create several pricelists and Zenfolio takes the orders from my customers and collects the $$, makes the prints (which are absolutely beautiful) and ships them directly to the customer – then they deposit my profits to my account. I don’t have to hassle with paypal, printing shipping, etc.. Also my printer would only print up to 13x19 and you can order large poster sized prints through Zenfolio.

BTW – I saw Frank Zappa at the War Memorial in Rochester back in the late 80’s 

Thanks for visiting my site Chet.

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