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from Chester Scerra Macro photography

I notice you have a macro ring light. I'm thinking about getting one but wanted to get some testimonials first. Any thoughts? Do you use it much?
Thanks...great work and inspiration.
Chet in Rochester, NY
PS I was also wondering about your experience in selling photos through Zenpholio. Have you checked out other sources? Do you like Zenpholio? Previous Response:
from Carlton Ward
on November 06, 2009
 Hello Chet,
I bought a Promaster Ring Light as my local camera store didn’t have the Canon MR-14 in stock and it is OK but has a design flaw in that the power switch gets easily switched ON when I put it in my camera bag so I have to remove the batteries after each use. I would like to eventually get the MT-24EX. I use mine a lot with my 100mm macro lens and I always use a tripod as even ¼ inch movement will change the area of focus. I do love macro photography. Canon just released a new 100mm f/2.8L IS macro lens. I don’t see that much difference to consider upgrading but have thought about upgrading to the Canon 180mm Macro L lens to give me a bit more working room.

I love my Zenfolio site. I bought a Canon PixmaPro 9000 printer but it died after a few months and with the cost of quality paper & inks, I decided to start ordering all my prints online. Plus the fact that my printer cannot compete with the quality on the $25,000 printers that MPIX/Zenfolio & other pro printing places use. Zenfolio makes it very easy for me as I can create several pricelists and Zenfolio takes the orders from my customers and collects the $$, makes the prints (which are absolutely beautiful) and ships them directly to the customer – then they deposit my profits to my account. I don’t have to hassle with paypal, printing shipping, etc.. Also my printer would only print up to 13x19 and you can order large poster sized prints through Zenfolio.

BTW – I saw Frank Zappa at the War Memorial in Rochester back in the late 80’s 

Thanks for visiting my site Chet.

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