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Question   Lecture at adult community
Would you come to Buena Vida, an adult community in Wellington, to discuss your photography? We'd love to have you.

- Joy Green March 25, 2014

  Answer Hello Joy,
I just read your question from last year. I must have missed the email notification. I would be honored to speak at your community. email me at redjelly39@yahoo.com and we can discuss if you are still interested.

Love in Light,

- Carlton Ward  February 07, 2015

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Question   Photoshop
Do you ever use Lightroom? What is the best "portrait" touch up software that is good to use. Thanks!

- Deanna Davis May 06, 2012

  Answer Hi Deanna,
I still use Photoshop CS5 with a few plug in filters and recently started using Portrait Professional for portraits which works very well.

- Carlton Ward  May 12, 2012

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Question   GNUkTNWNOTeBMxBogB
Note to Denver Digital club members. The club has pepahrs the biggest and best library of digital photography DVD's and books of any camera club in the country. It is now in the process of planning another expansion. We are always open to suggestions of educational digital DVD's and books, but are actually seeking them this time of the year. Please post any requests that you may have here or in the Forum.

- Dityagumay Dityagumay April 23, 2012

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Question   Love your work

I always enjoy looking at your photos.

-  March 16, 2012

  Answer Thank you very much Joe.
I am in the process of moving back to Portland, Or.

- Carlton Ward  May 12, 2012

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Question   the galleries
Carlton, you are a true artist with a camera. Thanks for your encouragment and friendship

- dave spooner February 10, 2012

  Answer Thank you Dave - see you at a festival soon :)

- Carlton Ward  March 12, 2012

  Answer Brad & Lynn - We may be a bit biased but have to say that these neatogrophsrhipforce what we already knew, Sarah and Steve are obviously very much in love and made for one another. They are a beautiful couple both inside and out and Lynn and I are very excited that Steve, Jake and Sam are part of our family. We love all of the photos and can see why Steve and Sarah picked Deborah as the photographer for the wedding. Brad's favorite is four rows down and on the right side and Lynn will be sending in her own message as well. We Love you all very much.June 29, 2011 10:39 am

- May May  April 21, 2012

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Question   a photo from HSMF, 4th of July.
You took a picture of me at the festival, I am the one with the bald head! But I cannot find it in your gallery.

- Pamela Warman July 07, 2010

  Answer Thanks for sharing. What a pleausre to read!

- Kaylea Kaylea  July 28, 2011

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Question   Your photos are awesome
I am a newbie to photography. I have always had the passion. I just recently purchased a Sony a230 and am having a blast with it. So any suggestions on equipment and lighting would be greatly appreciated. I really enjoy looking at your gallery, you have some really awesome photos. I found you through better photo as I am currently taking some classes through them. Glad I found your site.

- Phyllis K. Cholewinski May 20, 2010

  Answer Thank you Phyllis,
I hope one of the classes you are taking is an Exposure class as it is the basis of all that is photography. It takes study, practice & experimentation - but it is a fun learning curve. I often would take an exposure/composition class along with a Photoshop class as I feel the need to master both aspects is important to create the images I want. Enjoy the journey :)
Love in Light,

- Carlton Ward  May 23, 2010

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Question   Peek a Boo
Hey Carlton, I love how you respond to quest's questions. You are always so cool and polite! I have a couple more, how much does it cost to sell your prints through zenfolio? They sound great and the work is a high quality from your comments. Stay in touch. Any upcoming trips planned?

- Teresa Stokes December 14, 2009

  Answer Hello Teresa,
If you have an account with Zenfolio, it doesn't cost anything to sell your prints, thats what they do to get your business along with providing a space to display them. You buy any prints according to the standard MPIX prices but when you create a pricelist, your customers will pay for the prints they order at the price you set with the profits credited to your account. I have different pricelists according to different criteria like my fine art stuff sells for more than my wedding pics. I even have a pricelist for just cost for galleries of my friends that I dont want to make $$ from :) They will still pay for the prints & shipping, so its easy for me that I dont have to deal with orders, printing, shipping & money collection.
See you soon Teresa...
Love in Light,

- Carlton Ward  December 18, 2009

  Answer Gosh, I wish I would have had that inframotion earlier!

- Rock Rock  December 21, 2011

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Question   Macro photography
I notice you have a macro ring light. I'm thinking about getting one but wanted to get some testimonials first. Any thoughts? Do you use it much?
Thanks...great work and inspiration.
Chet in Rochester, NY
PS I was also wondering about your experience in selling photos through Zenpholio. Have you checked out other sources? Do you like Zenpholio?

- Chester Scerra November 03, 2009

  Answer Hello Chet,
I bought a Promaster Ring Light as my local camera store didn’t have the Canon MR-14 in stock and it is OK but has a design flaw in that the power switch gets easily switched ON when I put it in my camera bag so I have to remove the batteries after each use. I would like to eventually get the MT-24EX. I use mine a lot with my 100mm macro lens and I always use a tripod as even ¼ inch movement will change the area of focus. I do love macro photography. Canon just released a new 100mm f/2.8L IS macro lens. I don’t see that much difference to consider upgrading but have thought about upgrading to the Canon 180mm Macro L lens to give me a bit more working room.

I love my Zenfolio site. I bought a Canon PixmaPro 9000 printer but it died after a few months and with the cost of quality paper & inks, I decided to start ordering all my prints online. Plus the fact that my printer cannot compete with the quality on the $25,000 printers that MPIX/Zenfolio & other pro printing places use. Zenfolio makes it very easy for me as I can create several pricelists and Zenfolio takes the orders from my customers and collects the $$, makes the prints (which are absolutely beautiful) and ships them directly to the customer – then they deposit my profits to my account. I don’t have to hassle with paypal, printing shipping, etc.. Also my printer would only print up to 13x19 and you can order large poster sized prints through Zenfolio.

BTW – I saw Frank Zappa at the War Memorial in Rochester back in the late 80’s 

Thanks for visiting my site Chet.

- Carlton Ward  November 06, 2009

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Question   Photos are great!
Love your photos. Especially the Critters.


- Lisa Tyler August 09, 2009

  Answer Thank you Lisa,
I love the critters too as well as the Canon 100-400mm F/4.5 L lens that I use for many of the critter captures.

- Carlton Ward  August 10, 2009

  Answer Stay with this guys, you're heplnig a lot of people.

- Nevea Nevea  July 28, 2011

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Question   Love your galleria
Hi Carlton, hope you got my answer to your 1DS tiff vs CR files. I took a run through your galleria and all I can say is "WOW!" Really beautiful!
Hope you love your 1DS as much as I loved mine. I just sold it last week and bought a 5D MkII. Nothing wrong with the 1DS, just really heavy with HUGE batteries to carry around! Took the camera, eight batteries and charger all over Italy for a monthy. Came home with great pics and large biceps!!

- Lynn Andrews June 16, 2009

  Answer Yes Lynn,
I did get your email and Thank you very much. You have a beautiful gallery & I can only hope I can get the incredibly beautiful captures that you created with your 1Ds :)
I added you as a favorite so I can keep up with your work.
Thank you again Lynn - Blessings,

- Carlton Ward  June 16, 2009

  Answer You have some awesome photos! Enjoyed viewing them so much

-  March 14, 2014

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Question   Your Gallery
I just browsed through your gallery, and I really like your images. You have a wide variety of talent that I enjoy.

- Amanda D. Austwick March 05, 2009

  Answer Thank you Amanda,
I don't really have a specialty so I shoot most anything and try to learn the challenges that different types of photography offer. I love landscape & nature but I also like portraits, macro, architecture, and people at play as well. Lately I have been doing more HDR photography and using Topaz filters. Infrared Photography is something I hope to delve into soon.
Thanks for visiting and come back soon.

- Carlton Ward  March 08, 2009

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Question   THANK YOU :)
Hi Calton,

We found your website while Face Booking for String Cheese friends and photos of Hornings Hideout SCI show images. Wow ... thank so much for posting your images ... they

- Bobby Kress February 22, 2009

  Answer Thank you Bobby,
I miss my SCI shows and family. Hopefully they will pick back up again soon. I will be at Hornings for NWSS and Quincy for HSMF but other events are tentative as I may take another trip abroad for my photography.

- Carlton Ward  February 23, 2009

  Answer Alright alright alright that's eaxlcty what I needed!

- Kaedon Kaedon  July 28, 2011

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Question   No New Zealand images?
Awesome country. Two islands with totally diff nature between North and South Islands. All four seasons from mild to extreme, live volcanoes, geysers, variety in peoples - a photographer's dream!
Kiwi greetings

-  January 27, 2009

  Answer Someday Rosaleen,
I do have friends in Australia so I just need to go for a visit. New Zealand would be a great experience with so many beautiful places to photograph. I would just hope I can get enough time to cover as much of it as possible.
Cheers, Carlton

- Carlton Ward  February 02, 2009

  Answer Good point. I hadn't thuohgt about it quite that way. :)

- Dany Dany  July 27, 2011

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Question   Re: Great Photographs
Hey Carlton,
Great job on your photography. I really like the Lucerne shots of that little harbor at night...
Peace to you Brother,

- Acoustic Randall October 01, 2008

  Answer Thank you Randall, Hope all is well with you and you are having fun playing your music. I miss PDX but am staying busy with my photography.
Peace Always & All Ways - Carlton

- Carlton Ward  October 07, 2008

  Answer Always a good job right here. Keep rlolnig on through.

- Chyna Chyna  July 28, 2011

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Question   Europe
I met you in July on a plane to New York at the beginning of your trip to Germany, and I finally got the chance to look at your gallery and it is amazing! I hope one day soon I will be able to go back over seas and experience Europe all over again!
Hope all is well in the Bend.
Best wishes

- Alisha Bator September 26, 2008

  Answer Thank You Alisha,
Yes, I cant wait to make another trip back myself. There is so much to see & photograph and I just love the culture, history & art.

- Carlton Ward  September 27, 2008

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-  August 13, 2008

  Answer Ask and Ye shall receive ....

- Carlton Ward  August 14, 2008

  Answer What a joy to find somonee else who thinks this way.

- Alexavia Alexavia  April 23, 2012

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Question   Hello From your friends in Texas
Hi "Red"! I'm sitting in Tom and Viva's living room in Wimberley, TX. Last night we had a 4th of July party at Eric's and Monica's (Staley) house. Eric and his daughters played for the party - they have a great band. Oh, by the way, this is Cruz. Tom and I are going to try and call you later today.

We've missed you brother!


- Cruz Alvarado July 05, 2008

  Answer Hey Cruz,
It was great getting to talk with you & Tom. Give everyone my e-mail addy redjelly39@yahoo.com so we can stay in touch. We will have to arrange a gathering and I will fly down for a visit sometime soon. I have missed all of you as well.
I am off to Europe in a couple of weeks and will hopefully come back with a lot of great photos to post on this site.

- Carlton Ward  July 06, 2008

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Question   Beautiful Stuff!

Beautiful work! I really like what you've done on the Corel program, your painting/photos are great!

-  February 17, 2008

  Answer Thank you Heather,
I have added a "blog" section listed as "News & Notes" to use for updating my photography adventures. I do have a few scheduled this summer including a 10 day photo tour in Europe in July/August.

- Carlton Ward  April 17, 2008

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Question   Fluttering about
The ability to look so closely at such a delicate critter is amazing. From this close, they look less than friendly.

-  February 12, 2008

  Answer Hi Tadhg, Annemarie Featherstone recommended you to me. I am loinokg for a photographer for my wedding on Fri 08th April 2011.Church is Beaumont D5. and the reception is on in Tulfarris / Blessington. I had a look at your website and love your work, would be great if you are available. Kind regardsMichelle Harley

- Valeria Valeria  April 21, 2012

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