Summer Meltdown

by Carlton Ward

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melt 0669
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Summer Meltdown 2010 by Carlton Ward
Whitehorse Mountain Amphitheater Darrington, Wa - August 6,7 & 8 - 2010

The Summer Meltdown is a multi day grassroots music festival hosted by Terra Roots in collaboration with Seattle band Flowmotion.

This was the 10th birthday for the Summer Meltdown and it is amazing that this little festival has managed to stay under the radar as much as it has and continues to maintain its small & local charm. Unlike many of the larger festivals, the meltdown has a larger local attendance and few of the touring festivarians have this marked on their calendars. cont'd...

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Friday - sunny & cloudy:
Rejoice (BG), Be Careful (BG), Publish the Quest (BG), Michael Shrieve's Spellbinder (M),
Dept. of Energy (BG), The Mutaytor (M), Presidents of the U.S.A (M), Randy Hansen (BG)
Five Alarm Funk (T), Julia and the Dream (V).

Saturday and the rain:
Polecat (BG), Groove Patrol (BG), Nicki Bluhm (M), Levi Ware (BG)
Manooghi Hi (M), Andrew Vait (BG), The Mother Hips (M)
One Man Banned (BG), FLOWMOTION (M), Delhi 2 Dublin (BG)
Panda Conspiracy (T), Sarah Schmidt (V)

Sunday - no rain - yippee….
The Librarians (BG), Little Seahorse (M), Vicci Martinez (BG)
Wisdom (M), Beecraft (BG), Josh Clauson (M), Spanish for 100 (BG)
Hot Buttered Rum (M), McTuff (BG) , Dumpstaphunk (M)
Everyone Orchestra (T), Ben Bruce (V)


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melt 1199
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