Help Portrait Project

by Carlton Ward

Help Portrait Project
Help Portrait Project

Help Portrait Project

Friday, Dec. 4, 2009

For more information, please contact
Clay Eals, communication officer
425.888.2777 (office), 206.484.8008 (cell),

Family portraits for the holidays

Encompass to host Help-Portrait photographer Carlton Ward
on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 13, to benefit families in need

Have you wanted to have your family portrait taken but cannot afford to have it done professionally? The national Help-Portrait program may be just what you are looking for.

As part of the program for families in need, Carlton Ward, a North Bend photographer, has volunteered to take portraits of Snoqualmie Valley families in need from noon to 7 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 13, 2009, at the Encompass Main Campus, 1407 Boalch Ave. N.W., North Bend. After the photo sessions, he will provide each family an 8-by-10-inch portrait, free of charge.

To reserve your spot, please call Encompass at 425.888.2777 or stop by the Encompass Main Campus to sign up.

For more information, call Encompass or visit the web sites of Carlton Ward,, and Help Portrait,


North Bend photo studio offers free portraits to families in need
December 23, 2009

On Dec. 13, dozens of families streamed into the Encompass building in North Bend.
Braving the weather on a snowy Sunday, they came in dressed to the nines and eager to take their seat on chairs in the makeshift photo studio in the building’s biggest classroom.
They’ve come to get their portraits taken.

North Bend photographer Carlton Ward teamed up with Encompass to offer free family portraits to parents who would not be able to afford them otherwise as part of a national movement called Help-Portrait.
Ward will provide each family who posed with a free 8×10 print, and parents will be able to buy more photos from Ward at cost.“I just think it’s a crime for anyone to not be able to get a family portrait taken,” Ward said.
He’s one of thousands of professional photographers who feel the same way and offered their services to less fortunate families in their communities on the same weekend.

“Many of these families are worried about putting food on the table or a roof over their heads, this is such an extra for them,” said Nela Cumming, director of program development at Encompass. Cumming partnered with Ward to get the word out to local families about the opportunity.

“It’s a shame that money has to come between something like getting a family portrait taken,” Ward said, adding that he remembers finding portraits of relatives who have long since passed away and treasuring the photos of them.

Even though he specializes in nature photography, participating in Help-Portrait, which he found out about on a photography Web site, was a natural fit, he said.

“I love community and the idea that everyone helps each other,” Ward said. “Everyone has been so thankful, and I was blown away by the scale of it.”

For the parents, getting a professional portrait of their families is a way to freeze a moment in time.

“We take lots of family pictures, but we’ve never had a professional one before,” said Gilberto Escobar of Snoqulamie, who came with his wife, LiLiana and their two children.

The family wore dresses, slacks and big smiles for their photo.

LiLiana said that the photo will be framed and hung in their home.

Four-year-old Ulyses and his two-year-old sister Valleria are growing up fast, she said, and she wants to be able to document just how they looked this Christmas.

“Before long they are going to big,” she said, “and we want to have this memory.”