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from Phyllis C.
on 5/20/2010 12:22:11 PM
 Your photos are awesome

I am a newbie to photography. I have always had the passion. I just recently purchased a Sony a230 and am having a blast with it. So any suggestions on equipment and lighting would be greatly appreciated. I really enjoy looking at your gallery, you have some really awesome photos. I found you through better photo as I am currently taking some classes through them. Glad I found your site.

Previous Response:
from Carlton W.
on 5/23/2010 4:41:23 PM
 Thank you Phyllis,
I hope one of the classes you are taking is an Exposure class as it is the basis of all that is photography. It takes study, practice & experimentation - but it is a fun learning curve. I often would take an exposure/composition class along with a Photoshop class as I feel the need to master both aspects is important to create the images I want. Enjoy the journey :)
Love in Light,
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