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Question   Love your galleria
Hi Carlton, hope you got my answer to your 1DS tiff vs CR files. I took a run through your galleria and all I can say is "WOW!" Really beautiful!
Hope you love your 1DS as much as I loved mine. I just sold it last week and bought a 5D MkII. Nothing wrong with the 1DS, just really heavy with HUGE batteries to carry around! Took the camera, eight batteries and charger all over Italy for a monthy. Came home with great pics and large biceps!!

- Lynn Andrews 6/16/2009 12:26:02 AM

  Answer Yes Lynn,
I did get your email and Thank you very much. You have a beautiful gallery & I can only hope I can get the incredibly beautiful captures that you created with your 1Ds :)
I added you as a favorite so I can keep up with your work.
Thank you again Lynn - Blessings,

- Carlton W.  6/16/2009 7:11:32 AM

  Answer You have some awesome photos! Enjoyed viewing them so much

- jo  b.  3/14/2014 4:45:30 PM

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Question   Your Gallery
I just browsed through your gallery, and I really like your images. You have a wide variety of talent that I enjoy.

- Amanda D. Austwick 3/5/2009 8:41:06 AM

  Answer Thank you Amanda,
I don't really have a specialty so I shoot most anything and try to learn the challenges that different types of photography offer. I love landscape & nature but I also like portraits, macro, architecture, and people at play as well. Lately I have been doing more HDR photography and using Topaz filters. Infrared Photography is something I hope to delve into soon.
Thanks for visiting and come back soon.

- Carlton W.  3/8/2009 7:41:36 AM

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Question   THANK YOU :)
Hi Calton,

We found your website while Face Booking for String Cheese friends and photos of Hornings Hideout SCI show images. Wow ... thank so much for posting your images ... they

- Bobby Kress 2/22/2009 8:12:19 AM

  Answer Thank you Bobby,
I miss my SCI shows and family. Hopefully they will pick back up again soon. I will be at Hornings for NWSS and Quincy for HSMF but other events are tentative as I may take another trip abroad for my photography.

- Carlton W.  2/23/2009 10:57:43 PM

  Answer Alright alright alright that's eaxlcty what I needed!

- Kaedon Kaedon  7/28/2011 2:17:46 AM

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Question   No New Zealand images?
Awesome country. Two islands with totally diff nature between North and South Islands. All four seasons from mild to extreme, live volcanoes, geysers, variety in peoples - a photographer's dream!
Kiwi greetings

- rosaleen.harley 1/27/2009 1:25:40 PM

  Answer Someday Rosaleen,
I do have friends in Australia so I just need to go for a visit. New Zealand would be a great experience with so many beautiful places to photograph. I would just hope I can get enough time to cover as much of it as possible.
Cheers, Carlton

- Carlton W.  2/2/2009 1:38:56 AM

  Answer Good point. I hadn't thuohgt about it quite that way. :)

- Dany Dany  7/27/2011 7:56:45 PM

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Question   Re: Great Photographs
Hey Carlton,
Great job on your photography. I really like the Lucerne shots of that little harbor at night...
Peace to you Brother,

- Acoustic Randall 10/1/2008 2:53:07 AM

  Answer Thank you Randall, Hope all is well with you and you are having fun playing your music. I miss PDX but am staying busy with my photography.
Peace Always & All Ways - Carlton

- Carlton W.  10/7/2008 2:58:28 AM

  Answer Always a good job right here. Keep rlolnig on through.

- Chyna Chyna  7/28/2011 7:14:54 AM

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Question   Europe
I met you in July on a plane to New York at the beginning of your trip to Germany, and I finally got the chance to look at your gallery and it is amazing! I hope one day soon I will be able to go back over seas and experience Europe all over again!
Hope all is well in the Bend.
Best wishes

- Alisha Bator 9/26/2008 5:54:55 PM

  Answer Thank You Alisha,
Yes, I cant wait to make another trip back myself. There is so much to see & photograph and I just love the culture, history & art.

- Carlton W.  9/27/2008 8:15:21 PM

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- RICK MARSCH 8/13/2008 4:28:42 PM

  Answer Ask and Ye shall receive ....

- Carlton W.  8/14/2008 12:29:49 AM

  Answer What a joy to find somonee else who thinks this way.

- Alexavia Alexavia  4/23/2012 7:27:38 PM

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Question   Hello From your friends in Texas
Hi "Red"! I'm sitting in Tom and Viva's living room in Wimberley, TX. Last night we had a 4th of July party at Eric's and Monica's (Staley) house. Eric and his daughters played for the party - they have a great band. Oh, by the way, this is Cruz. Tom and I are going to try and call you later today.

We've missed you brother!


- Cruz Alvarado 7/5/2008 7:47:32 AM

  Answer Hey Cruz,
It was great getting to talk with you & Tom. Give everyone my e-mail addy so we can stay in touch. We will have to arrange a gathering and I will fly down for a visit sometime soon. I have missed all of you as well.
I am off to Europe in a couple of weeks and will hopefully come back with a lot of great photos to post on this site.

- Carlton W.  7/6/2008 6:01:27 PM

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Question   Beautiful Stuff!

Beautiful work! I really like what you've done on the Corel program, your painting/photos are great!

- Heather McKaig 2/17/2008 2:10:14 PM

  Answer Thank you Heather,
I have added a "blog" section listed as "News & Notes" to use for updating my photography adventures. I do have a few scheduled this summer including a 10 day photo tour in Europe in July/August.

- Carlton W.  4/17/2008 12:53:10 PM

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Question   Fluttering about
The ability to look so closely at such a delicate critter is amazing. From this close, they look less than friendly.

- C Bucci 2/12/2008 6:33:28 AM

  Answer Hi Tadhg, Annemarie Featherstone recommended you to me. I am loinokg for a photographer for my wedding on Fri 08th April 2011.Church is Beaumont D5. and the reception is on in Tulfarris / Blessington. I had a look at your website and love your work, would be great if you are available. Kind regardsMichelle Harley

- Valeria Valeria  4/21/2012 5:22:01 PM

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