String Cheese Incident at Hornings Hideout
by Carlton Ward

Tribal Wear
Tribal Wear
The String Cheese Incident at Hornings Hideout 2010 by Carlton Ward

My 1st visit to Hornings Hideout in North Plains, Oregon was in the summer of 2000 which is the 1st time SCI played there. SCI/Madison House had teamed up
with Peak Experience Productions and anyone who was there will tell you that a special magic was manifested and it remains one of the
most powerful transformations I ever experienced in my life. This was called the Full Moon Dream Dance and it was all that & more…
There were play-shops, themed camps (water, air, earth & fire), lots of incredible eye candy along with political/environmental discussions, drum workshops, & morning yoga. Working with Peak for over 8 years - I have built, 18' tall jellyfish, 20' tall pyramids, yellow submarines and many other fantastic props as well as lead teams, camps and parades and the real beauty of what Peak brought to the table was that anyone who wanted to be a part of the show as a performer, craftsman or behind the scenes supporter had the option to join in the production. It was all a lot of fun for me and others who participated which over an 8 year span includes most of the SCI attendees.

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sci10c 1117
Hornings Hideout is about 30 minutes west of Portland amongst the rolling hills and forests. Bob Horning along with his mother (Mom) and 2 twin brothers Carl & Earl took over the care taking after their father had passed. It was his fathers dream to develop the land into a pristine camping venue and Bob has taken that dream and turned into a reality. As real as can be anyway as I feel such a strong sense of magic when I am there (and have been on site many times when nobody else was present ) so it is my guess that Bob gets a little help from the fairies & elves who live there. Bob has worked the land and used his own wood from the property and his onsite sawmill to build Hornings including the massive stage in the amphitheater. There are sections of tables & swings for children to create & have fun together, an incredible 5 acre lake stocked with trout and paddle-boats along with the amphitheater itself. They have lots of mini-festivals, weddings & other social gatherings and Bob recently added a (frisbee) disc golf course. Over 100 peacocks live along side the Hornings, hence the strong peacock theme that accompanies Hornings events.
This year was the 7th time SCI has played Hornings and all of the magic is still prevalent and remains a vital ingredient of an incredible weekend.
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nwss09 0176 hdrc
In Summary:
Overall I felt like Madison House was able to able to continue the SCI-Hornings Experience as it has been for the past years with Peak Experience Productions and the magic that is Hornings Hideout is as prevalent as it has always been which is a great & wondrous thing. There was more emphasis on music as there were more stages and acts but everything ran smoothly and many 1st timers were blown away with the magnitude of it all. The Roller Coaster took us all up & down but ended on the top and left us all inspired, excited & buzzing.

PS - We don't ever really leave Hornings, we carry it with us everywhere we go :)



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